My Pop Star Fears

Many young girls spend their days dreaming of becoming the next big pop icon. How many of us has spent time dancing and singing into a fake microphone dreaming of the day when we would top the record charts. Of course most of us will never realize the dream of becoming the next big sensation, but a select few will rise to fame. I personally am glad that I am not a pop star. When you are rich and famous you have to be vigilant at all times. I would let my imagination and fears run wild and would not be able to trust anyone or anything.

First, how can you trust the motives of anyone who would want to get close to you? There are people in the world who are more than willing to take advantage of a person just to enjoy the perks of the rich and famous lifestyle. The access they can gain through the person that would otherwise be off limits to them can cause people to perform unscrupulous acts. Even people on a pop star’s payroll can turn out to be users. Plenty of managers and accountants have skimmed funds at a star’s expense. Nannies have been known to sell stories about their famous employers. Who can you trust?

Aside from trusting people who try to get close to you, there would also be the fear of fanatical fans. Crazed fans are in the news for stalking stars all the time. I would be afraid that one of them would cross the line and hurt me or one of my loved ones. Even hiring body guards would not assuage my fears. If someone is determined enough to do something, nothing is going to stop them. I don’t think I would ever be able to feel safe if I were famous.

And if the fans are not stalking you, then the paparazzi is in your face. Who wants to have unflattering pictures of them taken? It just seems that super stars never get a moment of peace. Even a trip to the grocery store becomes an event. Any misstep ends up on the front of all the tabloids. Your entire life is lived in front of the world. Nothing is off limits. Reporters will sit outside your home, follow you everywhere you go and the papers will pay good money for pictures of you in compromising events. I would hate for my private life to be splashed across the front of gossip magazines.

If that is not enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth, there is always the fear of being replaced. There is always someone younger, better looking and more talented just waiting to take your place at the top of the charts. When you are at the top there is only one way to go, down. I would constantly be worried about being replaced as the public’s sweetheart. The mere title “pop” star implies a short lived run of popularity. Hopefully, popularity lasts long enough for you to invest well. That is assuming you have hired an honest accountant to manage your money. derway. Some of the songs from their album included “One Thousand Years of Trouble,” Don’t Get Mad, Get Even,” and Channel 4 began playing some their music for an American football programme that ran for three years. Soon after their first effort with Virgin, the band started on another record with the label, which was recorded in Wales.

Difficulties began to arise for the band, as the original singer, Steven-E, had departed in late September 1988, which occurred during the recording of only their second LP; this created an urgency to find a new lead singer. As often is the case in situations of this nature, the chemistry was disturbed, and the image of the band was altered, even though the band was enthused with the soulful nature of the new singer, Charles Hutchinson. Some of the vocals needed to be redone of course. A two-year stint for the vocalist allowed for a successful single to be produced, namely “Higher Than heaven,” but it just fell short of the charts at #53 in the UK. Shortly thereafter, the singer left, which meant that Perry had to take on any duties that the position of lead singer proscribed. The band split after Hutchinson’s leaving, and the interesting mix of disco, hip hop, and rock was a far cry from some of the sounds that were coming from the US at the time; both indie and larger scale bands were making their presence heard, specifically The Stone Temple Pilots, The Happy Mondays, Crash Poetry, Faith No More, and a host of others.