If You Were A Pop Star, What Insurance Would You Take Out?

Famous pop stars are rich enough to afford the things that most of us can only dream about. Money is usually no object for the mega-rich star. While average people fret about the cost of insurance premiums, pop stars have the financial means to get any kind of insurance they want. Pop stars need to protect their mansions, expensive cars, designer jewellery and private planes from theft and would-be robbers. The following are some of the types of coverage a pop star might go for.

Convicted Drivers' Insurance

sadly, pop stars are highly likely to have motoring convictions; or even disqualifications. A combination of much money to spend, parties and the usual temptations that they attract mean that the risk of them committing driving offences is very high. Since they are well paid the cost of their premiums may not bother them greatly though, and they can always apply for cheap convicted drivers insurance from convicteddriversinsurance.org.uk .

Impounded car insurance

Pop stars are busy people so when their car insurance renewals are due they often forget about it and become uninsured. They still drive, get caught and their cars are seized by the police and put in a pound. They need impounded car insurance, from www.impoundedcarinsurance.co.uk now.


Homeowners Insurance

This is probably the first type of coverage a pop star will need. A house full of priceless antiques and original paintings can be highly coveted by thieves. Closets will be full of expensive designer clothes. A pop star may even have a safe full of money and jewelry hidden somewhere in the house.

Accidental injury protection is also a good idea. Not for the pop star, but for the fans that do daring athletic stunts trying to get a glimpse of the star at home. Fans have been known to climb trees, scale fences, burrow under gates and hop down from privacy walls that are taller than Mount Everest. Fans have even attempted climbing down chimneys to get into a celebrity's home.

Pet Insurance

We all know how pampered and spoiled celebrity pets can be. Famous pets can be seen wearing the latest couture fashion, getting their nails done, wearing perfume and sporting gem-encrusted collars. Pet insurance is a must for any rich and famous pop-pet. Insurance of this type also includes setting up a trust fund for them and including them as beneficiaries of any will.

Health and Dental Insurance

Pop stars often live life in the fast lane. Smoking, drinking, drugs and all-night parties can take a toll on health and make having health coverage important. Stars also enjoy having their own private physician that is good at keeping secrets. Celebrities also have to have perfect teeth. Good dental insurance insures a pop star will keep a dazzling smile throughout their career.

Yacht and Plane Insurance

Thinking about all the material things a pop star may own in the way of private transportation is mind-boggling. Once a certain level of fame is reached, stars begin to travel in their own private limousines, boats and airplanes. They also collect things on a grand scale and may have a large fleet of expensive automobiles, motorcycles and other toys.

Body Insurance

Body protection can mean hiring an entourage of personal body guards to fend off huge crowds of fans. Being surrounded by large, muscular security guards keeps a wall of protection available around the celebrity. Music stars can find themselves being attacked by groupies who have no problem tearing off clothes and jewelry just to get a souvenir.

Pop stars that use their physical attributes as one of the main attractions of the show have their body parts insured. Madonna has insurance for her breasts. Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen insure their voices. Gene Simmons has coverage on his famous tongue. If you were a pop star, what insurance would you take out?